NDIS Fees and Funding

Kids Chatter Speech Pathology accepts plan managed and self-managed clients. We cannot accept agency managed clients.

Our NDIS session fees are charged at the hourly rate of $193.99 as per the current NDIS Price Guide. However, due to significant administrative tasks/indirect services involved (mandatory record keeping, therapy/session planning, resource creation etc.), our sessions operate on a 65 minute basis. This includes 45 – 50 minutes of face-to-face time with your therapist (direct services) and an additional 15 – 20 minutes of non-face-to-face administrative time (indirect services). This means the cost of the 65 minute service is $209.95.

All other services, such as report writing or stakeholder meetings/consultations are charged at the hourly rate for the amount of time used.


$ 209 95
per 65 mins

Direct Services

45 - 50 mins
Face-to-face time with Speech Language Pathologist
Assessments administered for initial consultations or NDIS reviews
Parent discussion regarding child's needs and goals
Parent training of therapy strategies
All materials and instructions for homework practise provided in each session

Indirect Services

15 - 20 mins
Session planning including development of short and long term goals
Creation of therapy resources for your child
Record keeping in your child's file following each therapy session


Initial or Plan Reassessment
$ 193 99
per hour
Report writing time determined in discussion with SLP following assessments completed
Analysis and scoring of assessments
Individualised therapy recommendations and goal planning
Comprehensive written report for initial or NDIS plan reassessments
Hard copy and electronic copy of report provided

Consultations with other Professionals

$ 193 99
per hour or part thereof
Fee only charged if time exceeds 15 mins or more
Contact/Collaboration with other professionals or educators via phone calls, Zoom or emails regarding your child's therapy needs
Fee includes the time taken to communicate with the other professional/educator and record keeping of the meeting
Consults/Meetings are arranged in advance with parental permission before fees are charged