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Why Do We Do An Initial Assessment?

In order for us to know how to best help your child, we need to assess your child’s development and communication skills so that we can identify the areas they struggle with and plan our therapy goals to suit your child’s individual needs. Without this information, we cannot plan your child’s therapy sessions and ensure that they are getting the required help and support in the areas they need.

Please note: If your child has previously been assessed by another Speech Pathologist before coming to see us, a new assessment may not need to be redone. This will depend on how long ago those assessments were completed, whether or not there is a written report with sufficient details included that we can use and whether any new areas of concern have arisen since that last assessment. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Is A Written Report Necessary?

For each assessment done, the Speech Language Pathologist will write a comprehensive written report. Some of you may ask, “why do we need a written report?”. Not only is it regulation according to Speech Pathology Australia to have written documentation of all assessments and results completed, but we believe that it is also a vital process in the way that we help your child. Research shows that on average, people only retain about 5% of the verbal information provided by a health professional to a patient/client in a healthcare setting. So to avoid vital information being forgotten, especially when there can be multiple areas that we’ve explained to you, we write it in a detailed report for you. Also, many teachers, GPs, Paediatricians and other professionals that you may be seeing, will always ask for a report. If your child is starting school, they often request written information about your child’s results as well. And lastly, if you ever need to see another Speech Language Pathologist, they can use this written information to continue working with your child and/or avoid them redoing the exact same assessments that you’ve already paid for.

Please be mindful that the assessment report will be written up once ALL assessments have been completed and typically takes between 3 – 4 weeks to write. The time it takes to write the reports is based on how many assessments were completed, the complexity of assessments completed, as well as having to write these reports throughout the week in between other therapy appointments that we are tending to. Should you require a copy of your child’s report urgently (less than 3 weeks), please talk to us as we may be able to arrange this for you. This is subject to the clinician’s availability at the time because report writing time has to be scheduled into their diaries and is dependent on their available work hours and other appointments already booked into the workweek. An additional fee of $100 for urgent reports will apply if you require the report in less than 3 weeks.

Which Assessments Will My Child Need?

Because we see a big range of ages and different areas of difficulties in our clinic, our Speech Language Pathologists will need to administer different assessments for individuals. This will impact how long it will take to complete the initial assessments because some assessments only take 1 hour to complete whereas others may take 3 hours to complete. Rest assured, we only do 1 hour, at most, in one session because we know that children get tired and lose concentration and we don’t want a decrease in attention to impact the assessment results.

When you contact us for an appointment, we’ll ask you a number of questions to work out which assessments will be the most appropriate based on your child’s needs. As a guide, the green table below includes a list of assessments that we offer and how long it typically takes to complete an assessment for that area of difficulty. Some children may require the combination of two of these areas together, so for example, a child who needs a stuttering and a speech sound assessment, will need 2 assessment sessions of an hour each, plus 3 hours of report writing time.

Assessment Types And Time Required

Time frame of assessment areas

*A stuttering assessment will require a one hour face to face appointment, but due to the analysis and transcription requirements of the stuttering sample, a longer report writing time is required compared to the other 1 hour assessment sessions.

Assessment Fees

Speech Pathology Assessment

$ 190
per hour

In Clinic Appointment Details

Amount of time determined by type of assessment required (see green table above)
Face-to-face time with Speech Language Pathologist
Formal and/or informal assessment of your child's communication skills and needs
Parent discussion regarding child's needs and goals

Written Report Details

Amount of time determined by type of assessment required (see green table above)
Analysis and scoring of assessments
Individualised therapy recommendations and goal planning
Hard copy and electronic copy of report provided

Therapy Fees

Therapy sessions are typically held in our clinic where the Speech Language Pathologist will work with your child and you as the parent/caregiver to target the areas of communication that your child needs support with. We have a beautiful clinic space with an abundance of resources for us to best support you and your child throughout your therapy journey.

In addition to clinic-based sessions, online telehealth sessions via Zoom is also an option. Telehealth is great for parent coaching sessions and also as an alternative when you are unable to make it into the clinic in person. We currently do not offer mobile sessions. 

Standard Speech Therapy Sessions

$ 190
per hour

Direct Services

Customised face-to-face therapy session (in clinic or telehealth) to target your child's specific needs
Parent training of therapy strategies
Discussion between parent and therapist to answer questions and concerns
All materials and instructions for homework practise provided in each session

Indirect Services

Session planning including development of short and long term goals
Creation of therapy resources for your child
Record keeping in your child's file following each therapy session

Consults/Meetings with other Professionals or Educators

$ 50
per 15 mins

Fee only charged if time exceeds 15 mins or more

Contact/Collaboration with other professionals or educators via phone calls, Zoom or emails regarding your child's therapy needs
Fee includes the time taken to communicate with the other professional/educator and record keeping of the meeting
Consults/Meetings are arranged in advance with parental permission before fees are charged